Q. What is Better, Fresher, Faster?

Better, Fresher, Faster is an initiative sponsored by FloristWare (a company that provides independent POS technology to florists) to help all florists differentiate from, and better compete with, order-gatherers and drop shippers.

Q. How exactly are you helping?

For now we're making the BFF artwork available, free of charge, in the form of bumper and window stickers.

Q. Why is FloristWare Doing This?

Full disclosure here - we're not going to insult you by making up a story you would know isn't true.

  1. We want to help the industry. We grew up in this business, it continues to be very good to us and we have many close relationships with florists.
  2. A stronger industry with more healthy profitable flower shops is good for our business.
  3. To help us raise our profile. We're hoping that if you like what we're doing and would like to take advantage of the free resources you might join our mailing list, like us on Facebook, etc.

We hope it is a good deal for everybody.

Q. Do I have to be a FloristWare client?

No. There might be additional benefits (more free stuff) for the clients of sponsors at some point but for now all florists are treated equally.

Q. Is Better, Fresher, Faster promoting itself to the retail public, or trying to come between the retail flower buyer and local florists?

Definitely not.

BFF never wants to get between a retail customer a true retail florist. We're been very careful to avoid terms like "flower delivery", "florist", "flower shop", etc. in our URLS and headers and have avoided geotargeting (the practice of xyzxyzxyzxyz) entirely - we don't want to show up when people are looking for retail flower shops. The materials we provide to florists free of charge do not reference our website. We don't want to generate traffic from the flower-buying public.

We do hope that florists might find the information on our website informative enough that they might occasionally send customers or the media here for more information.

People are more inclined to believe something about you if it isn't coming from you. In other words if a florist tells them why they should avoid OGs and drop-shippers they are sfbdndfgnmfdm.

Q. Will you post horror stories about bad experiences about order-gatherers and drop shippers?

No. The goal is to keep the discussion positive and focus on what florists do better. Hence the name Better, Fresher, Faster.

We may link to new stories about order-gatherer/drop-shipper debate.

Q. Will you introduce a directory of real florists?

Definitely not.

Q. Can I use the Better, Fresher, Faster artwork on my website?

No. We don't want the BFF artwork to be used by order-gatherers and drop shippers - this initiative is intended only to help local brick & mortar retail flower shops. The best way to enforce this (for now) is to only allow the artwork to be used by local florists on their premises.